Why Plan A Destination Wedding?


Why Plan A Destination Wedding?

At Maui Aloha Weddings we hear many reasons why people want to have a destination wedding. From I don’t want to be married in front of a lot of people I really don’t know well, I’m too nervous to have a big wedding, too much stress, I can’t seat my husband’s relatives next to my relatives, Grandma Gertrude doesn’t speak to Grandpa Horace anymore and so on! Most people don’t express why it’s a great idea to have a destination wedding. We would like to tell you some of those reasons.

We are such a global society that many couples are going to have people traveling to their wedding no matter where they live. If they are going to travel anyway, why not travel to someplace as special as Maui where they can vacation and enjoy your wedding too! Maui Aloha Weddings has a wonderful activities coordinator who can help you plan group activities for a few of the days so that your guests will never forget your wedding or their wonderful vacation. They will have the vacation they may have dreamed about while watching two of their favorite people say “I DO”.

You want to be able to enjoy your wedding too! Planning a wedding especially if adding a reception is not an easy task. It takes hours of planning, meeting with vendors, deciding on flowers, cakes and so much more that many people are so stressed out by the time they get married that they cannot enjoy themselves at their own wedding. It’s true that you will need to trust your coordinator with some very important arrangements for you but the stress is off as you will be allowing the coordinator to do the worrying for you. Through some phone calls and emails to check in with her, you will basically come to Maui for your wedding and honeymoon with much less stress. Get pampered, dressed and come to your wedding as the special guest that you are. If you have some time, please read what our couples have said about enjoying their destination weddings.


Most couples are wanting different things for their weddings from what their parents enjoyed. Rather than hurt people’s feelings about that big wedding, let them get excited about enjoying the wedding and time on the island. If you would rather have bare feet in the sand then shoes on a carpet floor – a destination wedding is for you. If you would rather have a ukulele player play your first dance then a 6 piece band or DJ – a destination wedding is for you. If you would rather not invite all the neighbors on your block – a destination wedding is for you. This is the opportunity of making this day just for the two of you and what you would really want. You can have the people attend that you really want to have with you or just the two of you with a celebration later when you return home. I can’t tell you how many couples come from their home weddings just to have a ceremony here that is really for the two of them and one that they can enjoy and not share with the world.

Memories is what a destination wedding is all about. It’s the chance to keep all of your special moments to yourself and to share all the beautiful memories and pictures with others. If you have thought about that picture perfect beach where you will have the most romantic wedding, then come to Maui. This is the chance to bring your favorite vacation memories to the forefront of your special day. The memories you will make at a destination wedding will last a life time for both you and your guests.

Although some couples think that a destination wedding is well out of their budget, most times it is just the opposite. A destination wedding is the perfect plan to streamline your wedding from the number of guests to have (or not have) to how many bridesmaids, flowers, centerpieces and everything else you would need to purchase back home. Since you will be going on a honeymoon at some time, you can do both with less expenses then a big wedding and a honeymoon. Besides making your guest list more manageable, the amount of items that need to be included in your home wedding will also lessen which will have a big impact on your budget.

The bottom line – come to Maui to get married and have the time of your life! Maui Aloha Weddings will be there every step of the way for you.

Much aloha,