Kuya – Robert Alamodin

Kuya – Robert Alamodin

Reverend Robert “Kuya” Alamodin has officiated hundreds of ceremonies across Maui Island since 2010 in settings as varied as beaches, waterfalls, golf courses, atop surfboards and helicopter pads on the slopes of Haleakala Crater – and it has been the greatest pleasure for him to serve couples in this capacity.

The former altar boy may have never found his calling as a wedding officiant had it not been for the tragic misfortune of a treasured friend. Through one of those bittersweet twists in life, Reverend Robert’s “living Aloha” today follows in the footsteps of a dear brother, the late Marc Grodan of Kihei, Maui, himself a very popular and long-time minister. Marc, with a terminal cancer diagnosis, was thrilled to have Robert step in and support his wife Judy, now widowed, and family, by officiating at beach weddings in Marc’s place. The rest, as they say, is history….Robert’s loving, easygoing, self-effacing and gentle manner have made him an instant friend of all the couples he has been blessed to wed.


As the oldest of seven children, Kuya’s youth and adolescence were defined by household chores, caring for his younger siblings, multiple paper routes, and the trials and tribulations that arise for a young boy when his father, serving in the US Navy, is largely absent from the family household. Today, he is a Certified Nursing Assistant by training. He has worked for the ARC of Maui as a personal caregiver of special needs adults, and served as staff at Special Olympics events. As Hospice volunteer and member of Doorway Into Light, he ministers to those approaching life’s greatest transition. As a Universal Life Church ordained minister, Robert believes in making the blessing of a Maui wedding as heartfelt and memorable as possible.


ALOHA Greeting – “OLI ALOHA” chant –

It is more than fitting that we begin this ceremony with the word “ALOHA”.

Aloha embodies a way of living and treating each other with love and respect. Its deep meaning teaches us to love one’s self

first and then spread this love to others. The ancient Hawaiians believed that “ALOHA” was never to be uttered without

respect for the Creator.

So you see, it is a word of many meanings, BUT the literal meaning of aloha is the presence of breath or the breath of life.

Its two syllables are a joining of “ALO”, meaning presence, front and face, and “HA”, meaning breath.

Let us share our Aloha by taking a moment to close our eyes and breathe deeply together.

As you become more present, be aware of the tropical breezes that caress us.

The Hawaiians believe that carried on these winds at a wedding are the spirits of your ohana, all those that love you, whether

alive today or in the spirit world. Feel their blessing caress your face as we share this Aloha breath.

The blowing of the conch shell, or PU, will invoke their presence as well.


Lei Exchange

A traditional Hawaiian wedding usually begins as it does today with the exchange of leis.

We do this for several reasons. One is that the lei is an unbroken circle, like the rings that soon will be blessed and

exchanged, representing the eternal commitment of your hearts together.

Also, as each flower is brought into the circle, it loses none of its individual beauty, reminding us that in the unity of your

love, you have lost none of your unique individuality. In fact, the loving care and nurturing security of your relationship

helps you grow even more fully into that special person with whom your partner fell in love.

So, let these beautifully crafted lei with their hand picked flowers and twine, carefully bonded together with love, be a

special reflection of your love and Aloha for one another.

_(Groom),_, please place this Lei around the neck of your beautiful bride, and as you do so please give her a kiss.

This is one of the advantages of a Hawaiian wedding; kissing starts right away!

And likewise, _(Bride)___, place this Lei around the neck of your beloved with a kiss.


We have gathered here today, before God, and in love, to join _Groom______ and _Bride_____ in one of the holiest of unions.

May you cherish this day forever.

In Honor of this very special moment, let us pause to give thanks for all the rich and wonderful experiences that have

brought you to this high point in your lives. Let us be especially grateful to all the Kupuna and Ohana, meaning your

Elders, Mentors, and Family who helped shape who you are today.

We are equally grateful for all the Love and Aloha you were blessed with along life’s way. May it continue to foster in you

the vision of a great Love and provide you with the resources to create a home that shall endure in peace and harmony.

Now, as you make your promises to each other, may you make them with the deepest insight into their meaning and with

your fullest sincerity.

May this be the formal beginning of a relationship that will grow and mature with each passing year until the latter days

become more wonderful than the first.

Let us now bow our head in prayer. Oh Lord hear our prayer for ___(Groom)______ and _(Bride)____ who today are united

in Marriage before you. Please give them Your blessings and always strengthen their Love for each other. Amen.


I ask you each to now agree to the marriage vows. WILL YOU PLEASE FACE EACH OTHER AND JOIN HANDS.

Please repeat after me:

I,—-groom– receive you,–bride— as my partner and love. Beside me and apart from me, in laughter and in

tears, in sickness and in health, in conflict and serenity, asking that you be no other than yourself. Loving what I

know of you and trusting what I do not know. In all the ways that life may bring.

(Bride Repeats)

You have vowed your love to each other. Are you now ready to confirm that love in the responsibilities of


If so answer, “WE ARE”

At this time I ask that you place the marriage rings in my hand.

Your rings by their very shape are symbols of eternal unity without beginning or end. They are the emblem of the

love that exists between you and outwardly express your devotion to one another.

Let them always remind you of the commitments you make today. May the Lord bless these rings which you give

as your sign of love and devotion. Amen.

______, as you place _(Bride’s)ring on her finger I ask that you repeat these words after me:

With this ring I promise to grow with you to build our love, to speak openly and honestly to listen to you, and to

love and cherish you for all the days ahead .

From this day forward you shall not walk alone. My heart will be your shelter and my arms will be your home.

With this ring I thee wed.(Bride repeats above)

The lord bless you and keep you. What, therefore, God has joined together let no man put asunder. AMEN.

Before I conclude this ceremony with a Hawaiian blessing, I would like to share my Hawaiian Blessing with you……

ALOHA MAI – May Love Always surround you

Ea Ea – May There be Sweetness in Every Breath

Ike Pono – May there always be Righteousness

Ola Mau Loa – MayYour Lives Be Long

Uwehe E – And Be Free From Harm

Ha’awi Loko Mai Ka’i – May Wishes Given From Goodness Within

La’a Mai Loko Maika’i – Be Received By Goodness Within

I Ho’okahi Kahi Ke Aloha Ua Mau – Be United As One in Love Forever.

And so by the power vested in me by the great state of Hawaii, I HEREBY PRONOUNCE YOU MARRIED!

You may seal this with a kiss!