What to pack for your Maui wedding

What to pack for your Maui wedding

pack a wedding dressSo many times a bride will tell me that she packed way too many clothes and items for her wedding and honeymoon to Maui. Back on the main land it has been a tradition for the bride who is going on her honeymoon to pack her trousseau. That is all the new clothes that you thought you would be wearing while on the island. With all those wonderful new items to pack, we forget about wrinkles, and over-weight luggage until we arrive at the airport! A wedding coordinator tries to make your wedding stress free so perhaps we should start before you even get here and help with the packing.

Get your wedding clothes ready way before you are to leave so you don’t have to think about them as all the last minute items begin to arrive. If you do this weeks before hand, you will not have the stress of packing right before your trip. You will need a few pairs of shorts with different tops that you can mix and match. Take a few sundresses and sandals. Most important – remember two bathing suits. This way you will always have a dry one waiting for you. Bring a swimsuit cover-up as many resorts do require one when walking through the hotel. In most restaurants men can wear shorts. I recommend bringing one pair of long pants for those restaurants that may require you to do so but there aren’t many. You may need long pants for some of the activities such as horseback riding, ziplining, and ATVs. Be smart and wear them on the plane as you are coming here since most planes are pretty cold anyway.

DO NOT PACK:  snorkel gear or suntan lotion/sunscreen, too many fancy clothes, dress shoeswedding dresses

Please do NOT pack your wedding dress or anything else that you will need the day of your wedding.  These should be your carry-on items for the trip. We have had too many brides without their wedding dresses as they went to Bora Bora or some other destination rather than Maui. Hold on to those items and you will also find that they will be less wrinkled by placing them in the upper bin on the plane or asking the Stewardess if she can put them in the plane closet for you. If there is room, they are more than happy to help out brides. By doing this everyone and everything will arrive in Maui at the same time.

One way to avoid unnecessary wrinkles is to place tissue paper in your dress. This small step seems to help avoid wrinkles. When you arrive in Maui, take your dress into the bathroom and run the shower on hot to steam out the wrinkles that may have been acquired. Most times this works very well and you will not have to send it out to be pressed. If you feel that the dress needs to be pressed, make sure you have your hotel’s manager aware that your wedding dress is going to the cleaners and not leave it to the room maid to do so. Try and do this immediately as it will take longer than a day to get have it returned to you.

Many items can be bought in Maui so you do not have to carry everything with you. Extra batteries and memory cards are readily available on the island. And Suntan lotion – we invented it! Make sure you use plenty of sunscreen especially before your wedding. We are very close to the equator and your chances of sunburn increases. Our photographers are great but sometimes it’s hard to turn you into a “normal” bride and groom when you are a brilliant red.

maui sunscreen
(Don’t worry – colors exaggerated)

Traveling from another country you may want to check on your tech items to see if you will need power or outlet converters. You may also want to check your cell phone international travel plans to see if you will need some add-on coverage.

Carry On Luggage:

Passports, Wedding Shoes, Rings, Wedding Dress, Divorce Decrees (if needed), Veil, Tuxedo, Plane Tickets and Travel Itineraries or Vouchers, Credit Cards and/or Traveler Checks, Under Garments, Wedding Accessories, The Blue Garter!, Wedding Vows and the MARRIAGE LICENSE APPLICATION

Clothes to Pack: Shorts, Tops, Sundresses, Sandals, 2 Bathing Suits, Bathing Suit Cover-up, Long Pants, Light Sweater, Sneakers for hiking around, PJ’s are up to you!

I hope we see you soon.

Much aloha,