What not to eat before your wedding!

What not to eat before your wedding!

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Every Bride and Groom wants to look their best on their wedding day! Probably the biggest diet of your life will be before that special ceremony. How many brides lose so much weight that they continuously have to go for more fittings? Grooms are the same but luckily they only have to go for a fitting nearer to the wedding for their suit, shirt or tux. On the island, we are a bit more casual with our wedding wear which makes it a little easier but the diets still go on.

What about the teeth? I’m sure dentists probably make the most money from whitening teeth from brides and grooms. Who wants their pictures to be anything less than sparkly white? Whenever I come across a good article for the wedding couples, I like to mention it in my blogs. Recently, I came across two good articles in Bride’s Magazine. One was about what not to eat to dim the sparkle of that white tooth enamel and the other was what to avoid so that you don’t feel bloated or “puffy” on your wedding day. Below are the top 10 lists that I hope will help you!

The first group is what not to eat or drink especially if you have spent money on whitening your teeth.

You will want to avoid the items below. You will notice that a few items actually make both lists – so what does that tell us!

1. Blueberries are great for antitoxins but they are known to stain teeth. Instead, put them into your yogurt smoothie and take the drink through a straw so the berries won’t touch your teeth.

2. Black coffee is also known for staining teeth. If you need that coffee fix, be sure to add a little milk to lighten the color. Coffee stains teeth and also dehydrates the mouth so your saliva cannot wash the stain away

3. Beets really stain with their vibrant red color. If eating them, wash your mouth out immediately which will help control the stain.

4. Refined carbohydrates such as crackers, white bread and cookies (especially if they have an orange color) stain teeth and have so much sugar that it doesn’t wash off your teeth and causes cavities too.

5. Red wine is one of the worst – not only does it stain teeth with its deep color but the acidity eats through tooth enamel. The sediment and particles go into the tooth’s pores.

6. Pickles are drenched in vinegar and other high acid contents. If you have them, brush your teeth immediately to avoid eroding your tooth enamel.

7. Tomato sauce is extremely acidic and makes teeth susceptible to stains. Use vegies in the sauce to break up the acidity.

8. Soy Sauces deep color dulls the color of teeth.

9. Curry is very sticky. It will stick to your teeth which leads to a surface tint on your teeth.

10. Tea contains tannic acid which causes external teeth stain. If you love tea use a more alkaline tea such as green tea.

largest wedding cakeHow many of those above items do you love? Me too! But wait because it gets even worse with the “don’t want a bloated feeling” – don’t eat these!

1. Sugar Free anything with ortbitol and aspartame are hard to digest. Fizzy diet soda is even nastier. Plus they cause gas.

2. Gum is bad. Every time you chew you are swallowing air and puffing up your belly.

3. Red wine (again) has unfermented yeast which will bloat the face and the belly.

4. Dried fruits – are a belly full of fructose causing water retention and gas.

5. Raw vegetables such as kale, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, and broccoli have cellulose which our stomachs have trouble breaking down. Switch to water-rich vegetables like celery, cucumber, and asparagus.

6. Cheese especially cheddar has more salt per ounce than potato chips—and feta and Roquefort are saltier than seawater! Sodium has the body retain water which will cause swelling. Varieties that have a lower salt content are cheeses such as mozzarella, Swiss or goat.

7. Coffee (again) is very acidic which will puff up your belly and hang onto fat cells in your body.

8. Granola (bars or boxes) have large sums of sugar and carbs. Not only are they hard for your body to digest but they spike up your insulin level.
Particularly avoid wheat, rye and barley (hmm – whiskey!)

9. Smoothies with dairy should be avoided. Not only does it cause bloating but sucking it through a straw also has you swallowing air too.

10. Sweet puffed pastry is full of sugar which will cause you to feel and look bloated.

The only good thing about this list (besides helping you out) is that what people always tell you to eat – especially the healthy ones – are also on this list! I hope this will give you some ideas and help especially during the last few weeks before your wedding. At the wedding dinner or reception – EAT, DRINK and be merry with whatever you desire especially wedding cake!

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