Wedding Circles

Wedding Circles


Have you ever noticed how many circles are involved in a wedding? You may have a flower circle, wedding rings, leis, wedding cakes and all in the same shape.flower circle

Many of our Maui Aloha Weddings’ Brides ask for a flower circle to be married in. The circle itself is made from tropical greens and flowers and is really beautiful especially in the wedding pictures. Flower circles are usually done in sunset colors for a sunset wedding using the green and red teas and placing tones of orange, reds and yellows which can be orchids, pin cushions, anthuriums, lava plants and many others. In a morning wedding, we like to use pastel colors of tropical flowers which match the beautiful Maui weather such as plumerias, orchids, and all sorts of ginger.

How did wedding flower circles begin? This takes us back into history as the pagans described one circle as the Flower of Life. This included the inside configurations as well in those times, but we are only use the outside ring for weddings. The circle inside was a mastery of geometric hexagon-like shapes which were created by six over lying circles. The pattern which looks like a flower is very intricate and has been spoken about by philosophers, architects and artists.  They thought it depicted space and time which connects all life. In the new age life, the Flower of Life has spiritual meaning and is enlightenment to those who study it. Many who meditate know about the circle.35af04c0d92db51a7804643a9cacaf46

The Flower of Life can be found in all major religions so its spirituality is felt by all who get married inside the flower circle. Even Leonardo Da Vinci has drawn and added to the beliefs about it!

Taking from the Flower of Life, the wedding flower circle began with an ivy wreath. Ivy stands for marriage and fidelity. Today brides are beginning to reintroduce ivy as filler in their bouquets too.

One of the most formal of bridal bouquets also came from the Flower of Life and it’s called the Biedermeier, after a German style of interior decorating. The bouquet is made of concentric circles of flowers which is quite amazing and expensive. It does uphold the tradition of the circles as does the bouquet we usually see, but with only one circle.

The circle of love refers to the flower circle, the circular wedding rings, the wedding cake and in Maui our beautiful wedding leis. In fact, many of our brides refer to the flower circle as a lei. The Hawaiian lei represents a loving union between two people and reflects back on the Flower of Life.

The Hawaiian wedding lei is a string of 50 flowers. In the Hawaiian tradition, the woman gave a lei to the man whom she wanted to married. Today it has become popular in Hawaiian style weddings. If you held to tradition, after the father walks the bride down, she presents the lei to her groom. However, in most ceremonies today, both bride and groom present leis to one another. The lei reminds the couple to love, honor and respect each other over time. Sometimes the bride will present leis to the groom’s family and vice versa with the groom, showing the connection and blending of the two

At Maui Aloha Weddings we particularly enjoy the beautiful Hawaiian leis no matter how you want to use them in your special ceremony. The tradition dates back to royalty and we are happy to continue all the circles of weddings from leis to the flower circle you stand in. We make the circles as cost effective as possible so everyone can have one at their wedding.

Have you ever dreamed about standing in a circle of flowers with your special person?

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