Vow Renewals

I Still Do


Remember the old song “You’re Still the One”? In today’s different society and culture, you have found the recipe for happiness and that should be celebrated! Why not reignite those years together with a vow renewal and a second honeymoon? Can you imagine a more beautiful scene than a sunset on a Maui beach with you promising your love once again? Your ceremony this time will be designed around the way you choose to celebrate, how to dress and if you want Bach or Presley playing and singing. You will be able to write your vows with a different meaning as you already know what it is to love and cherish one another. Being relaxed and having fun will be the important elements as you rededicate yourselves as one with a Maui vow renewal. 
vow renewal with kids
Let your children take part in the ceremony this time around, but they can skip the kissing parts!
All of our wedding packages can be used for vow renewals and don’t forget to look at our adventure weddings for a completely different wedding!  Need ideas or help planning?  Please call and tell us what you want and we will make it happen. 
beach wedding
Don’t forget some of the bigger anniversary celebrations and the recommendations for each other’s gifts Hawaiian style:
5 years Wood (new Koa Wedding Bands)
10 years Aluminum (a Hawaiian Bell Chime)
15 years Crystal (Sculpture of a Whale, Turtle or Flower)
20 years China (Hawaiian coffee cups or Tea Service)
25 years Silver (You know it has to be a piece of Hawaiian Jewelry!)
30 years Pearl (Beautiful jewelry in Polynesian Pearls)
50 years Gold (A Hawaiian gold bangle engraved)
75 years WE’LL BUY THE GIFTS!! 

Please see our Vow Renewal Resources guide for more tips, help with writing vows and traditional gifts by anniversary year.

maui wedding family photos