‘Tis the Season to Pop the Question!

‘Tis the Season to Pop the Question!

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It’s holiday time and one in four grooms who are ready to pop the question this year will do it during this time.  26% of all marriage proposals happen between Thanksgiving Day and New Year’s Day. And that’s the statistic just for the people who said yes, not including the poor guys who were told no.

Proposals aren’t what they use to be where the two in love have dinner and the man drops down on one knee to ask for his beloved’s hand in marriage. 75 wedding proposals happened on the New York Yankee’s Scoreboard! There are stories of restaurants, museums, movie theaters, zoos and parks helping the groom out while asking the important question.

Believe it or not, 32% of 7000 women survey said that Christmas Eve was the best day to be proposed to. Second was Valentine’s Day with 30%. So what did they say made a good proposal? Just saying “Will you marry me” was number one with 51%. Songs, Poems and technology were all below 15%.  We are sure many grooms will be happy to hear this.

If you really want to use technology, 40% said that social media would be best. Email however was not the way to go with only 11% enjoying that proposal. Over the Phone had 32% support but only if you were a long distance relationship, in the service or away on a job.

Is proposing a man’s job? 65% of the men surveyed said it was. In fact, most said they would say no if their girlfriend proposed as they felt it was their job to do so.  Grooms don’t have to worry about this as 79% of the women said they would never do it.

Unless you are in Hollywood, a man usually only proposes once in his life or twice. Can you believe that 17% of the men surveyed in England have proposed more than 5 times? 52% said they only proposed once though.

If you do get a proposal and it’s not what you want what’s the easiest way to say “not interested”? Most women agree they try to avoid the topic by all means. Many say they started crying and said they were sorry but the answer was no. If you have to say no, the best way is just to be direct say 53% of the women and not make it seem like you are actually thinking about it. Some women actually said “maybe” and then never spoke to the man again. Ouch!

If this is your season to pop the question or to say “yes” to it – enjoy it!  It’s the biggest question you will ever ask!

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