‘Tis the Season to Party – and we did!

‘Tis the Season to Party – and we did!

Aloha Brides, Grooms and Friends,

Tis the Season to Party – and we did!

On Sunday evening, Maui Aloha Weddings held their first annual Christmas Party at the wonderful Fabiani’s Restaurant in Kihei. Lorenzo and Michelle were wonderful in helping us get everything ready and cooking the most wonderful food and even a Christmas Wedding Cake!







This was our chance to thank everyone who works very closely with us and enhances our business. It was only one year ago this month that Maui Aloha Weddings applied for their license. Previous to this time, I was coordinating weddings just for fun in Maui from my experience in Boston.  For the next few months it was preparing a business plan, getting advertising, making packages and setting up a web site.  My good friend Mike was the minister at weddings. Mike wanted expand his opportunities for photography and helped me with the online portion of starting the company. 

In April we had our first wedding. One – but it was a beginning! We had a few more in May, April and June but by July we were flying and have continued to do so today. Many people have asked how did we get so much business so soon. There are two reasons – one is that the beautiful island of Maui has blessed us for sure! The other reason is that all I do is answer emails and phone calls but all of my wonderful vendors represent us and do it so well. We truly have the best ministers, agents, florist, baker, photographers, videographers, travel agent,hair/make-up stylist, and musicians! I guess we have been blessed twice!

Our clients – all of the brides and grooms – have been wonderful and there isn’t a day that goes by that we don’t think about them and the wonderful ceremonies we have shared. If it wasn’t for all of you – there would not be a Maui Aloha Weddings.

That evening we also found out that Bobbie Jo Curley (our Harpist who also played that evening) and Heather Green (our Hair/Make-up stylist) are truly the most artistic. They drew wonderful Christmas scenes on top of their heads!

When it comes to unscrambling Christmas Carols, watch out for Cheryl and Casey Logsdon (fantastic wedding cakes). They went through the scramble in record time! Of course, Frank Baranik (great photographer), had a more difficult scramble time as his first language was not English but he did really well too!

When it came to popular Holiday Movie Titles and trivia questions, Cheryl and Casey along with Michael Yeany (another great photographer and mnister) came out running. However, Brian, (our web cast and video guru), raced ahead and captured the prize!


At the end, Cora (our florist), Rama (wonderful guitarist), Kuya and Joy (Hawaiian minister and German minister), Sean (our limo driver), and Frank all left with center pieces and prizes too!

I hope everyone had as wonderful a time with good friends, as I had!

To make the weekend even better – my Ohio State Buckeyes ran through Wisconsin and became one of the top 4 teams in the country. What a holiday present! Go Bucks!

We hope all of your dreams also come true this holiday season! Congratulations to all of our wonderful couples that were married this year and to all of our couples that we will be working with in 2015. It has been our honor and pleasure.

Nothing more to say than Happy Holidays to all and to all a good night!


Much aloha,