IMG_8725Aloha Brides, Grooms and Friends,

Having had the opportunity to work with many Brides and Grooms, it often amazes me how much time they will take in securing the best photographer, flowers, and cakes. It’s true, when it comes to looking back on your wedding, or vow renewal, you do want those photographs to remember and lots of flowers make a wedding even more beautiful. As far as the cake goes, sometimes that is all people will talk about – whether it tasted delicious or not!  Did you ever think about how you reacted to any of these on your special day? Did the photographer fill you with emotion enough to make you shed some tears of happiness? Did the flowers or cake do that for you? I don’t think so.

The most important part of your wedding or vow renewal is the ceremony. This is the time that the Bride and Groom promises themselves to one another and to fulfill this promise with love for better or worse. This when  I see the Bride and many times the Groom, choke back tears as they say their vows and exchange their rings. They have made it to their big day.

If you give so much time to the other pieces of your wedding, don’t you believe that the ceremony should get just as much attention?  At Maui Aloha Weddings, we do believe that what you say to one another in a Wedding or Vow Renewal is the most important promise you will ever make. Why would couples even consider a “quickie” ten minute ceremony?

Many Brides and Grooms do settle for just that. I am pretty sure that they don’t realize that the ceremony will be so short and I also believe they don’t know about asking about their ceremony either.  This is an announcement to all couples planning a wedding or vow renewal in the near future – ASK what your ceremony will be like!

Many wedding companies do put their words for the ceremony on their web page. That still doesn’t tell you what else will take place within that ceremony. It could just be those words, exchange rings and leis, and that’s it. Most weddings and vow renewals I have been to are about ten minutes long. Ten minutes for the biggest day of your life so far? Are you willing to settle for that?sand ceremony keepsake

At Maui Aloha Weddings, we are NOT going to settle for that. We want you to have a ceremony that you will remember when you see those pictures!  This of course isn’t the mainland, so our ceremonies are much less pressure on the couple. It gives the Bride and Groom a chance to smile, laugh and really listen and absorb what is being said. We are in no rush as we only plan one wedding a day to give the couple all of the attention they deserve. We can take time out for a few tears of happiness before resuming the service. We can also wait until everyone has a good chuckle and relaxes even more. All of the ceremony time is yours and we don’t plan on just giving you ten or fifteen minutes. Most of our ceremonies are at least thirty minutes.


What should you expect during your wedding or vow renewal? First of all, after the minister says the official vows or even before, you should have the time to say your own words to one another. Sometimes this just takes a few minutes and sometimes it takes much longer. This all depends on how much you would like to say to one another during this important moment. Take all the time that you want with your vows! You will not be repeating them again – unless you do have a vow renewal later on down the road.

When you exchange rings at Maui Aloha Weddings, our ministers do a wonderful Hawaiian chant celebrating this moment. They will translate what they said in Hawaiian so you can see how important the message is.

Exchanging leis is not put a lei on your partner and kiss their cheek! A lei symbolizes unity, just by its actual shape you can tell that. The minister should be able to explain how important it is to place that lei on your life’s partner. You will seal it with a kiss on the cheek – there is a lot of kissing in the ceremony but we do save the big one for when you become husband and wife!

Maui Aloha Weddings also includes the sand ceremony in almost all of our packages. Once again, this is a symbol of taking two different sands – two different people, and combining them into one. It’s a beautiful ceremony and you will have the keepsake bottle to remember it over and over again.

The last ceremony we perform before you leave to go to breakfast, lunch, dinner and celebrate is the tying the knot ceremony. How can you get married or have a vow renewal without tying the knot? This once again shows two people, two separate knots and how they become so strong when pulled together so that no one or thing can ever separate you. When things get tough – and we all go through some rough times – just remember the knot and that together you are stronger.IMG_8701

Needless to say, our wedding or vow renewal service takes time. It’s the time you should take for this important moment. When you leave, we hope that we give you many different things to think about, remember and smile at. This is your wedding ceremony or vow renewal. It’s important enough that it is called a sacrament. The state feels it is important and makes you register and have a license to complete it. Why would anyone want anything less?

Much aloha,