The Knock-out Round – Yes for Soccer and Weddings!

The Knock-out Round – Yes for Soccer and Weddings!

Aloha Friends,

Even though our USA Soccer team was defeated by Germany on Thursday – what a game! We held them to only one goal and our team looked fantastic. Now on to the knock-out round and what can we expect? We can expect the USA to be prepared and do their best whatever the outcome and for all of us rooting them on!

How does this relate to weddings? When it comes to a few weeks and days before your wedding – you are in the knock-out round! You will be prepared and everyone will be rooting you on! When you work with Maui Aloha Weddings, we will be sure everything is ready for you. Things DO just pop up, but as professionals we have plan B on the sidelines and waitiing to replace what we have to – just like our Soccer team sends in new players. We will be prepared for that little something and believe me, although it seems giant to the couple, it’s usually just a small fix.

So how do you prepare for the final weeks? The best thing for the couple is rest. It will be an exciting time and it doesn’t help if you are all stressed out. It’s your wedding or vow renewal and you want to be able to enjoy yourselves. Leave the worries to us! I know you still want to be sure everything is okay so let’s go through the last couple of weeks of preparation.

If you are not living on Maui, you should have your travel arrangements completed and know where you are going to stay. This is as easy as double checking your reservations for time, dates and lengths of stay. There is no harm in calling to make sure everything is correct with all the t’s crossed and i’s dotted. When calling you can also check with the hotel on how the weather is during that week. I’m pretty sure it’s going to be perfect for you but then you know if you need an extra sweater or bathing suit for great surf. It will also put you at ease that the hotel/house/condo is waiting for your arrival. Good time to ask any questions especially for a house or condo of what you may need. If you made your arrangements through Maui Aloha Weddings¬†– we will do all of this for you and let you know.