The color of your Wedding!

The color of your Wedding!

sailor kissAloha Friends,

Maui Aloha Weddings wants to thank all of our Veterans for their service in protecting our country. Mahalo for all you have done.  You certainly are not forgotten.

Since this is the day we take time to think of red, white and blue – I though it might be a good time to discuss wedding colors. White and Ivory are still the bride’s most popular choices but things are changing. In Maui, many brides and grooms are starting to wear Aloha Clothes. Whether a mumu or dress and a an Aloha Shirt for the men, many island colors are shown. The pictures of these colors along the sea are pretty amazing. We also have many couples getting married in Aloha white as well. If you are not sure what that is, please check out Hilo Hattie’s where they sell most of the Hawaiian wedding wear.

Our vow renewal couples seem to get married in their favorite colors – or should I say the bride’s favorite color. We have had vibrant purples to cool pastels and they are all beautiful. Sometimes the couple dresses alike or at other times the groom wears a shirt that compliments the bride’s dress. We have seen some outstanding wedding outfits and wonder how did they think of that?

No longer are the bouquets orange blossoms, lily of the valley and white roses. Many bouquets have a white base but add all sorts of wonderful colors into them too. The two most popular bouquets today are the rainbow roses either pastel or very rich and the tropical flower bouquet which is very vibrant and beautiful.

Our islands actually each have a flower that belongs to them and Hawaiian brides many times carry the flower of their island. The representatives are:

Maui is the Lokelani Pink rose

Hawaii is the Ohia Tree blossom a brilliant red

Oahu is the Yellow hibiscus

Kauai is the Mokihana berry a delicious purple

Molokini is the green Kukui Tree

Lanai is the Native Dodder a bright orange

Niihau is white for tiny seashells  – the only non-flower

Kahoolawe is the Native Beach Heliotrope which is a soft gray

il_570xN.189062350This could be something to think about when planning your destination wedding or elopement. Put a symbol of your home within your bouquet.

Everyone know that Hawaii is know for it’s beautiful orchids. Did you know that orchids come in so many colors and so many different types. Many brides will put Phalaenopsis Orchids in their hair instead of other more traditional head pieces. They are very pretty and last throughout the wedding and reception! This is a very elegant look to your bridal hairdo. Besides white and purple orchids there are yellow, pink, red, tan, orange, blue and even greens. Not to mention all shades in between are found in orchids. They also come in all sizes too.

Tropical bouquets come in all colors depending on the flowers you pick out. They may have white orchids, green hosta leaves, lilies, palm leaves, roses and calla lilies. Colors come from peonies, hydrangea, ranunculus, mums and sweet peas. Now you can be very creative and have a beautiful bouquet which will be very unique and different. On the island the best way to get the most beautiful tropical bouquet is to let the florist choose. They know which flowers are in seaon so they will be fresh and last the longest.

Do you know what your home state’s flower is?

Much aloha,


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  1. Thank you Peggy for all y our help in helping us plan such a memorable moment.  Our minister Josh was great and added a beautiful touch with his version of " Some Where Over the Rainbow.  

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