Symbols of LOVE

Symbols of LOVE

Aloha Brides, Grooms and Friends,

Yesterday we had an extraordinary wedding experience.  All of our weddings and vow renewals are unique and beautiful in so many ways but especially because of the people we meet. In what could have been a very sad wedding, it turned out fantastic.

Our wonderful couple was there on site with us and we were waiting for their photographers. Unfortunately, their photographers had the wrong beach and it was at the other side of the island.  So many things can happen at any time – even with us because we are human too! As it turned out, we had our cameras there as we like to take a few pictures of all of our couples for our website so the offer was made and accepted that we could help them out.

I know how hard it was on both the couple and the photographer and in the beginning as the ceremony started the stress was on their faces. Reverend Mike was wonderful in relaxing them and we all said we can make the best of it and have a great time – which we did!

The couple had on beautiful tropical flower hakus (leis of flowers for your hair). The colors with sunset were really pretty and we weren’t the only ones to think so. Out of the sky came a wonderful monarch butterfly.  It flew around the couple and left.  We were hoping that we got the shot but it was so unexpected we weren’t sure.

After the ceremony the couple was getting their pictures taken and the butterfly came back.  Mike grabbed the camera and started shooting wildly. IMG_4665

He didn’t have to as the butterfly decided it liked the bride’s Haku and settle right on it for a very long time. Yes, we got some amazing pictures. I wish we can do that for all weddings!IMG_4748 IMG_4730-2If ever a couple received affirmation that they were doing the right thing – this couple received it in bucket loads!  It made me start thinking about the other symbols of love.

The heart is of course the number one symbol. Whether it’s a valentine or with making the shape with your fingers, the message is clear. The old days of saying “I love you” with it is now often referred to as “I heart you”. Either way, people understand.

Suggestions from experts say that a couple should find their own love symbol, something that they both hold dear. This can be displayed all around your house and whether it is obvious or not to others, it will mean something extra special to you. My husband and I love the ocean. Around our home are many ocean scenes. He especially loves waves and I love Honus (green sea turtles). I never thought about it but I guess that is our symbol!

Believe it or not the Apple is a very famous love symbol.  Although Adam should have reconsidered his choice, he took the apple because of Eve. At Hera’s wedding to Zeus, she was given Apples for a long life and love.  Aphrodite received Apples from her suitor as a way to win her heart. From her love, she produced Eros (Cupid to the Romans) who is also a symbol of love. Many times you will see Cupid blindfolded to show that love sometimes is blind.

At many weddings, you will see a harpist. The Harp is a symbol of love especially for the Celtics. It is the bridge of love connecting heaven and earth. The strings are ladders leading to a higher level of love and paradise.

In China and Japan, the Maple Leaf is a symbol of love. North American settlers also use to place Maple Leaves at the end of their bed to ward of demons and to encourage sexual pleasure.  But be careful, because the stork uses Maple Leaves to make a nest and we all know what the stork symbolizes! I love Maple syrup which is also the symbol for how sweet love is.

My favorite is the Rose. The rose is romantic, sensual, pure and sacred not to mention its wonderful aroma. In Greece and Rome, Aphrodite (Venus) used the Rose as her emblem of beauty. Today it’s still the way to many women’s hearts and symbolizes passion and also represents eternal life.

The Shell is also a love symbol because of its protective nature which is a quality of love. Venus was supposedly brought to life by a wave bringing her in on top of a scallop shell. As you may know, the Hawaiians use the conch shell at weddings. This is to awaken the faithful and calls to those who have hearts full of love. Maui Aloha Weddings uses it at all of our Hawaiian ceremonies.

What is your love symbol?

Much aloha,