Maui Aloha Weddings – Traditions

bouquetAloha Brides, Grooms and Friends,

When we first speak to a bride and groom, we ask them some questions to get to know them and to learn how we can help make their wedding or vow renewal just what they want it to be. While speaking with them we do talk about some of the wedding traditions such as the bouquet, veil, and even the wedding cake. Many of these ideas have been passed down from generations before us but how did they come to be?

If you got married back in the 1800s your bouquet would be sure to have garlic and dill in it. Coming to us all the way back from the plague days, people would carry the bouquets to keep in front of their noses to try and stay alive. As with most traditions, people began to put "meaning" into why something was done and they said the bouquet provided comfort to those people and would do the same when carried now. It was also a hope for renewal – a new start in life. Afterwards the couple ate the dill which was supposed to produce lust – hmmm.  Over the years, brides began to include better smelling flora which gives us our modern bouquets of today.

What about the wedding garter? That came about to help protect the bride from the wedding guests. Back in France at the end of the ceremony a bride would actually be attacked by the guests as they ripped pieces of her wedding dress off to keep as good luck. Some smart person came up with the garter so that the bride had something to toss instead of everyone ripping off her dress.

Because the bride can be open to enchantment, the veil became part of the bridal wear so that it would keep evil away. One of the best tales I read during my research, is that in arranged marriages the bride was covered until after the ceremony when the groom would see her for the first time. If her didn't like what he saw – he was already married. Pretty evil huh?

I suppose my favorite tradition is shelling out all of the money to have a big, extravagant wedding that is an American tradition. But it's not! Many aristocrats would hold huge weddings for their children to confirm their status. However, in America the typical wedding was like a barn raising. It was a chance for all the family to get together, sew a wedding quilt, cook and enjoy each other's company.

And we still offer that at Maui Aloha Weddings. You can have an affordable, beautiful beach wedding with all the traditions and still have a celebration without breaking your piggy bank. With a traditional gown or a Hawaiian Mumu, you will still be with the one you love in a paradise setting. Who can ask for more? Maui offers great beach locations, musicians and restaurants. You cannot beat the wonderful, fragrant flowers on our island. This would be the ideal place to celebrate with family and friends while saying your vows. Maui Aloha Weddings can help provide all the traditions and help you establish some new ones too.

What traditions do you want when you say your vows?

Much Aloha,