Maui Aloha Weddings – now what???

IMG_2135Maui Aloha Weddings is a great company with a wonderful staff to work with which is why we feel like a very close "Ohana" (family). We have one wedding coordinator, two ministers (male and female), florists that can created beautiful simple weddings to elegant, lavish weddings. Our relationships extend to many types of accomodations for our clients from very high end villas, beautiful resorts and warm bed and breakfasts. We even have some of the nicest condos to rent as well. The company has very talented musicians that play ukulele, bass, harp, guitar and sing every type of music for your weddings. The photography that has been done at our weddings is right on and so many prints are extraordinary. Our hair and make-up artists produce the model in you for your special day. Our venues and beaches are the finest Maui offers and to top the cake (literally), our baker makes the finest wedding cakes on the island. We really feel we can take care of everyone's wishes and desires to make their day the most memorable ever.

That is until last Sunday when our two ministers Julie and Mike got engaged! We all wish them well and are very happy, and of course excited for their special day, but who's going to marry them? Not to worry, one of the groom's best friends is coming to the island to participate in the fun. However, we did want you to know that although we are prepared – things do happen! When they do, we get together and work through whatever has to be done and get back on track to making your wedding perfect! You become family to us as well and everyone wants the best for their family!

Had an interesting discussion this week with clients and our staff. How much should you spend on wedding rings? Of course having been married for a long time, my answer was as much as you can afford while being able to plan a fantastic day for yourselves and NOT go into debt. Of course, they told me I was wrong.

It seems in the recent past wedding rings value should be three months of your salary. Seriously? I had to do some research on this subject. When we say "wedding rings" we are speaking about the engagement ring and both wedding bands. I found out that the average amount for the groom's wedding band in 2011 was approximately $572. I guess this is reasonable but I found that many grooms spent a lot less – some only $50. Many felt that they want something very simple that their hands can remain "normal" without that ring feeling in between their fingers. Many admitted that in a few years, they don't wear their bands at all due to their jobs especially landscapers, people who type alot and those that use tools from architects to carpenters.

We all know that the engagement ring is the most expensive ring purchase and diamonds are a girl's best friend. On the average, a guy spends about $5200 on the ring – some less and some more like for Jennifer Aniston's ring $500,000. Wow!  Bride's Magazine is the source of the three month's salary ring which was mentioned by Debeers jewelers. There is a great deal of talk about where they even get their diamonds. All of this depends on your personal budget and the engagement ring is a symbol of what you have together and not the reason you are getting married. What does the bride want? Maybe she would rather spend it on traveling together and enjoying the money rather than wearing it.

Other sources say a man should spend 10% of his salary on the ring or 10% of what you spend on a new car. Cars are like engagement rings to men so they say. I did find many wonderful sites on line where you can get some beautiful rings at discount prices. This seems more practical to me. But – if you are having a hard time deciding what to spend just go to "Engagement Ring Calculator" and the site will help you. If you are that lost about what to spend, I think you should speak with your tax accountant. They should really know what you can afford.

The other articles that caught my interest is why diamonds? Princess Diana wasn't a great fan of large diamond rings and became engaged with a beautiful sapphire ring with many smaller diamonds surrounding it. Since then, many couples are choosing different metals too. Not only gold, silver and platinum are choices but stainless steel that does not tarnish and looks just as good as silver. You can get many other gem stones that could be a larger cut but will be much less money and look fantastic. A whole one carat diamond is many more times the price of one carat worth of small diamonds that you can circle around another gemstone.

After being married for many years what do I wear? I actually have a simple band and my engagement ring and diamond wedding band are usally in my jewelry box that comes out when I go to some special event. I have found for years that while I am typing it can get in the way. If I wear a special outfit to work, it can snag it. I also found that I'm constantly hitting it on furniture etc. A diamond is strong and can take all of that abuse, but it's easier just to wear it when I am not doing my normal duties especially when doing the dishes or washing the floors. I think you will find many women after twenty and thirty years don't quite feel the same about always having to wear that special ring. Another thing to think about!

We would love to know how you stand on this discussion. Did you get a diamond or go with your favorite stone? How much do you think someone should spend on wedding rings?  If you would like to know some of the websites I found, please send us an email and I will send you the list.

Congratulaltions to our ministers Julie and Mike and all of the other happy couples that have said I will! We look forward to working with you when you say I do, so please give us a call!

Much Aloha,