3G5A1908 LGBT pride businessIMG_3448We have been fortunate to organize many same-sex weddings over the years.  Our couples have had legal ceremonies; others have had civil ceremonies; others have simply married one another on their own terms and celebrated in their own way.

maui gay wedding

We will help you through the on line licensing process, supplying the necessary information and will book your marriage license agent’s appointment, so that your marriage license is legal in all 50 states and in other countries.

IMG_3522Anytime real love manifests itself in two people, we are honored to be the ones chosen to show the world what that looks like.

IMG_2467What better place to celebrate the historic supreme court decision than Maui.

hawaii gay wedding

Selecting the right venue and service professionals for your wedding takes time, research and patience.


Our ministers at Maui Aloha Weddings have been performing gay wedding ceremonies for years.  We are very excited to be offering gay weddings that are finally recognized as legal by the Federal Government!  IMG_0636

Male or female officiants and photographers are available for all packages and ceremonies.


Please see our Packages page for a list of options and pricing .


Hawaii was the 15th State to legalize gay marriage. The law allowed couples living in Hawaii and visitors to marry in the state starting Dec. 2, 2013.


Our ceremonies are appropriate for any weddings or vow renewals and we welcome alternative versions or alterations.

maui gay wedding

Apply for your license within 30 of your ceremony at