Jan and Thomas

Peggy was an absolute joy to work with throughout my wedding. She was extremely helpful the closer the wedding came. She made sure she was in contact with me the entire time and made sure we had everything in order for the big day. Everything went as planned and her attention to detail was spectacular. If there were any hiccups on the day of the wedding I had no idea (and still don’t). She helped get everything set up with the vendors and even helped make reservations for a dinner luau for us and our guests. I would 100% recommend Peggy as she is an amazing wedding planner and helps to keep things running smoothly and staying calm!
The biggest difficulty in writing a review for Mike as our minister AND our photographer is to figure out which amazing point to start with. First of all — and seemingly most relevant, I guess — our wedding pictures are amazing. He is so funny and calm he put us both right at ease. His photos are a mixture of absolutely beautiful ones and really funny ones and artsy ones and ones that I know will be up on the mantlepiece for decades. There are ones where I think “wow, is that really me?” and ones where I go, “haha, yup, that’s me.” Our wedding was such an emotional day, and I think Mike really captured that. I can see our happiness — and that of our friends and family — reflected in the images that he took. I’m incredibly grateful to him for the part that he played in making our wedding such a wonderful experience.
The two of them are an amazing team and we would highly recommend them to anyone looking to get married in Maui.