Is a Maui Wedding Destination an Elopement?

Maui elopement packagesAloha Everyone!

Years ago when a person said someone eloped or was going to elope – it meant that they were running away together to get married. In the movies and cartoons, you would see a man putting a ladder to the woman's bedroom window to help make the event mysterious and fun. It is true that many elopements were because one person(s) didn't approve of the marriage. Either the couple was too young and the parents didn't want it, it was a spur of the moment idea or the couple was ready to get married and didn't want all the fuss. I'm sure such elopements still exist or Las Vegas wouldn't be known as the Marriage Capital. Thanks to Brittney Spears and Ross and Rachel, you get the idea!

Elopements changed since then. Some couples do want to enjoy the ceremony just between the two of them and celebrate later with friends so they "elope". However, when they do so it's to destinations or someplace where they can have the dress, flowers, catered dinner and music but just for two. A wedding can be a 12 month nightmare especially for the bride. Relatives and other loved ones mean well with all their suggestions, but is the cost for 200 guests really what you want to remember. This is your special day and you really shouldn't feel that you need to cater to the guests so they like YOUR wedding. It is time for the bride and groom to like their wedding and put themselves in the forefront of the event.

After many years will those guests remember what took place, what they ate and how well the wedding singer performed? What will you remember? Will it be the stress of planning such an event rather than your time with your intended? These are many reasons why couples – still wanting traditional things – are doing the wedding on a small scale. They want to remember everything in pictures and will spend more for them rather than chewy chicken for their guests.

What to do? First decide where you would like to get married. Of course being very "jaded" how can anyone beat Maui! Then hire a wedding coordinator who can suggest to you the ideal location, where to have an intimate dinner with the best small wedding cake around, a minister who you will remember and all the extras with flowers, music, doves and more. Believe it or not, this will be a fraction of the cost you would spend on the traditional wedding.

The couple (noticed it is not just the bride's responsibility anymore when you are planning a trip), can go as simple or overboard as they want. At Maui Aloha Weddings we have some of the most beautiful, intimate weddings or wonderful, elaborate ones celebrating what a couple is supposed to be celebrating – their love.

From the first time Maui Aloha Weddings speaks with you that is all we will  have in mind is to have your special day something you will never forget and talk about always. We take the stress out of the day and once you land in Maui we are here at your service through your whole stay. Why stress out when all you have to do is enjoy everything planned with you in mind.

The big wedding seemed to be the thing all little girls dream about – but actually they really only want to be the bride. I wish I had the sense to do this all those years ago. My one daughter came to Maui and celebrated with a small, elegant wedding. I now know that she had the right idea!

Let Maui Aloha Weddings help you plan the perfect intimate time with your special someone. We know we can help you enjoy an unforgettable day.

Did you ever think about eloping?

Much Aloha,