Interesting Wedding Records – Did you know???

Interesting Wedding Records – Did you know???

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Aloha Friends,

Maui Aloha Weddings never had a grand opening so we are looking forward to this October 10th. We are going to try and have the largest vow renewal in Maui in one of our parks. We are inviting all couples who would like to renew their wedding vows to contact us at or by calling us at 808-344-8805. The charge will be $30 a couple which will include a Keepsake Certificate, Wedding Cake and two t-shirts from Maui Aloha Weddings. We will have a minister with a speaker system so all can hear and some music. We are inviting photographers who would like to set up so that couples may get their pictures taken. All of the couples’ children are invited to help spread rose petals down the aisle that the brides will walk down to join their grooms. And at the end – wedding cake of course! It should be a lot of fun and we hope you can join us whether you are going to be on vacation or live in Maui. Applications will be on our web site soon.

Speaking of records – there are some crazy wedding records. One of the best is a couple in New Bern, North Carolina, celebrated their 90th year of marriage! Herbert is 108 and Zelmyra is 105 years old. They were married in 1924. On Valentine’s Day they tweet love advice to the newly marrieds.

old hands

In Malyasia, a 105 year old man was married to his 69 year old wife who became bedridden. He then took a 22 year old bride who was welcomed in to the home by the wife as she was a great caretaker.  That is the greatest age difference on record – 83 years!

The United Kingdom broke the world’s tallest married couple. The wife is 6 feet 5 inches and her husband is 7 feet tall. The wife was looking for a dance partner in the United Kingdom’s Tall Person Club and found a husband.  They have over 13 feet of height together. On the other side – the shortest married couple – the groom was 2 feet  11 inches tall and took a bride that was 3 feet tall. They were married in 1998.

As Maui Aloha Weddings is trying to break the most vow renewals on Maui, we will be looking for a pretty large wedding cake. The largest wedding cake was actually done by Mohegan Sun Casino’s chef. It was 17 feet high, weighed 15,032 pounds and fed 59,000 people.  I don’t see us breaking that record!  Maybe we should try for the largest wedding pie instead but what’s a wedding without wedding cake. Of course to make it perfect, it needs to have lilikoi filling… The most expensive wedding cake was $57 million dollars. How can that be? It was an eight tiered cake with 4000 diamonds. The cake appeared in the National Gay Wedding show in England. Yes, it was on display and then eaten, hopefully, they took the diamonds off first.

There is a story about a couple who were engaged in 1902 at the age of 15 but never married until they were 82. That has to be the longest engagement! They waited 67 years to say I do.  Wonder why? It could be because of someone like Glynn Wolfe who was divorced 29 times in his 88 years of life. That can scare anyone. His first marriage was in 1926 and his last was recorded in 1996. His longest marriage was 7 years and his shortest – 19 days.

In an old folks home in France, two sweethearts decided to get married in 2002. He was 96 and she was 94. They are the oldest couple on record to tie the knot.  There is another couple who have been in love a long time. In fact, they have had 83 vow renewals as of 2004. Can’t imagine how many they have had since.

The fifth richest man in the world’s daughter was getting married. Don’t know what the Kardashian’s spent on their latest wedding but he spent $55 million dollars on his daughter’s. They reenacted the couple’s courtship and had singer’s perform. The wedding took 6 days of celebration. I believe that is the most expensive wedding on record.

I remember when I got married I wanted to have a little wedding dress train because I thought it really looked nice going down the aisle. That didn’t compare to the bride in Romania. She had a hot air balloon hold her train as she went to the church. The train was 1.85 miles long. It spread acrossed the boulevard in the capital of Romania.

Here are a few other records:

A bride in Sri Lanka just recently had 126 bridesmaids

In Poland, the largest underwater wedding had 303 divers including the Priest

The most pearls on a bride’s dress was in Japan in 2012. The bride had 13,262 pearls on her dress.

Come and set a new record with us in October!

Much Aloha,