Hurricanes! – Much Ado About Nothing

Aloha Brides, Grooms and Friends,

The brunt of the hurricanes has past Maui and most of the island did really well. The Big Island took the brunt of the storm and did sustain some damage. On Maui, Upcountry had homes without electricity and some limbs down but both the western and southern coasts didn’t feel it at all and there were no injuries reported. In fact, here in Kihei, we didn’t even have rain! We are blessed to have Haleakala our resident volcano protecting us from everything that is coming from the big island as well as the northern coast. Thank you Madame Pele.we will rebuildOur islands rarely are struck by hurricanes even though we are small lava rocks in a big ocean. The hurricane season is between July and October, as the hurricanes form east of the Hawaiian Islands and move west toward them, they are usually weakened by strong upper-level winds. We usually see brief rainy weather, gusty trade winds up to 30 mph, and some dangerous waves on our beaches. Most hurricanes never make it to Hawaii but instead dissipate south of the Big Island and steer harmlessly west past the Hawaiian Islands or in the case of Julio north; however, high surf from these can be hazardous to swimmers. If it does rain, it’s wise to stay out of the water for a few days as sharks will tend to come closer to shore after these storms.

Roughly every seven years, an El Niño develops in the tropical Pacific and hurricanes can form southwest of Hawaii. This is actually an El Nino year so we know you will be safe for another six years until we see multiple hurricanes again. It is during these years that some strong hurricanes have affected Hawaii from the southwest. In the past 30 years nearly all that have affected the region have impacted the island of Kauai most, while Oahu and Maui have experienced the least impacts the past 50 years. In general, don't worry about a hurricane fouling up your wedding plans in Hawaii.

Even when the weather is threatening, Maui Aloha Weddings is pleased to have taken care of all of our “hurricane weddings” that were scheduled this weekend in the beginning of the week. Many mahalos go out to our staff for their willingness to shift all around and not ever complain. With good people working together – great services are maintained.

August has been extremely busy for the wedding businesses on Maui. At Maui Aloha Weddings, we do not book more than one wedding or vow renewal a day so that we can give our complete attention to that bride and groom. After having to book more than one wedding per day during the beginning of the week – I am very happy to have that rule in place. There are many things you must tend to for a wedding to take place and it was quite overwhelming to say the least getting everything done.

Statistically, June, August, September and October are the busiest wedding months and we can agree with that this year. August has been booked almost every day! June was not as busy but September and October are getting there.  Maybe because of July 4, people tend to avoid July for weddings. I am not sure why.

The least popular months are January, February and March. On the mainland, I can see why those months are avoided. However in Hawaii, February and March are really wonderful months to plan a wedding. To be honest, January is our rainy month and you can expect to see some rain when you are here. February does book up around Valentine’s Day but there are plenty of open dates during that month and March. The weather is really beautiful then without any humidity and the whales are in town. This is really something to think about when planning your wedding or vow renewal.

Many people do not think about how weather will affect your wedding or the planning you need to do for it. As your wedding planner, we do need to take that into consideration as we had to work with our brides to move wedding this week.

Besides hurricanes, weather also affects your wedding's style. If it's 90 degrees, people will behave differently. Consider your wedding personality, when you are choosing your season accordingly. For a free-spirited fun, sun-dappled settings, wild and sweaty dancing you may want to stick with a July, August or September wedding.  If you want some holiday spirit, then you should try a November or December wedding. Remember though, the weather in Maui is pretty sunny and at least 70 degrees all year long! If you want a venue wedding with freshness, and green acres, Maui would be ideal for you in the spring when our acres are green after January’s rain and the cooler months of February and March.

Here are some tips when planning a Maui outside wedding especially if you are having guests:

  1. Make sure your guests know that you are having an outdoor wedding. Guests will not be happy in high heels at the beach nor wearing an inside outfit if they are going to be in the sun/shade all day.  It’s not a bad idea to send your guests the weather’s predictions for that week.

  2. Making sure your guests are comfortable in the heat is important so that everyone will enjoy themselves. Ushers as they walk people to their seats may hand them a small bottle of water for during the ceremony. You can print your programs on fans for your guests and have a station with sunglasses and sunscreen.

  3. You need to make sure your bridal party is especially comfortable as they will be out in the sun more taking pictures. Choose sensible shoes for the beach weddings such as rhinestone flipflops and cool fabrics for their dresses. Consider what lengths you want them to wear in warm weather. Groomsmen need linen suits (that you can rent) or just aloha shirts and khaki pants. Tuxedos and mainland suits are just too hot. Don’t forget the bridesmaids’ hair. Pulling it back and up will keep your ladies much more comfortable.

  4. Always make sure that your wedding planner is working with vendors that are experienced for the warmer weather. When catering food, in the hot weather it’s nice to have some “cool” dishes rather than some fancy hot soup. Think about your flowers and try to use the local flowers that are grow in this type weather so you don’t have wilted bouquets for your pictures. You might want to forget about the whipped cream cake and have a buttercream or fondant which will last.

I hope this list will help you in your planning. Maui Aloha Weddings takes all of these into consideration when we help you plan your wedding. We want to make sure you have the special day that you deserve!

What type of weather did you get married in?

Much Aloha,