Happy Valentine’s Day!

Some say this is just the best time of the year to pop the question and according to statistics 6,000,000 couples got engaged. Although many discuss whether they want to actually get engaged or married on February 14, we can all smile that for once it is a day to speak about love, friendship and affection across the globe.

In other countries it isn't just about love as Finland calls it "Friendship Day" and Guatemala calls it the "Day of Friendship and Love".  Many countries feel that it is a day to show those you like a renewal of your friendship. It was a popular day on one of our Hawaii beaches as 80 couples renewed their vows.  How did this all start?

No one actually knows how this day started. It has been said that this is the day St. Valentine, a Roman catholic priest was martyred on February 14, 270. Somehow, his death was then tied into the pagan festival of Lupercalia where boys would pull girls names out of a box and were a couple for the following year. We think it's much better to be struck by cupid's bow and arrow!

At Maui Aloha Weddings, we have had a busy February and are looking forward to a busy 2014 with all those engagements. This is the time if you are going to have a destination wedding to start planning and we would love to help you. We are fortunate because with all the love that is shared with our company – we smile all year long!  Aloha.