Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone who is in love!

Before I begin my actual blog, I wanted to say thank you to all of you who supported me with prayers, wishes, thoughts and love while I was on the mainland with my Mom. I am back in Maui now and she is doing remarkably well for being 90 years old! All of those prayers worked – and I can’t thank you enough for your patience with our emails and phone call returns, you were all wonderful about it!2013-03-26-cadburycreameggsinwrappers

One billion Valentine’s Day cards will be exchanged today! Besides the United States, Canada, Mexico, England, France and Australia also celebrate the day of Love. In the 1700’s, it started out as a nice tradition in the states, with handmade Valentines that would be delivered to your special someone. By 1840, it was decided to mass produce Valentine’s by Esther Howland who is nicknamed “Mother Valentine”.

Believe it or not – chocolate is a fairly recent addition to the Valentine Day giving.  It actually started in England by that famous Cadbury Egg man – Richard Cadbury. Cadbury had recently improved his fine chocolate making more to the taste we love today and decided this was a golden opportunity to sell more chocolates. He began making decorative boxes of which he designed himself. The patented heart shape box was not Cadbury’s but it is believed that he was the first to use one. The boxes were so pretty back then (1860s), that after you finished the chocolates, you used them to store your valentines, locks of hair and other trinkets. During World War II when sugar was rationed, the boxes became even more elaborate as they didn’t hold as much. The original Cadbury Candy boxes are collector’s items and worth quite a bit.

Roses – who doesn’t love getting a bouquet of them? Approximately 198 million roses will be going to some lucky people on this special day!  75% are purchased by men but that still means that 25% of the ladies are romantic too. However, most women are buying them for their Moms and daughters. Have to admit – I did too! Although California produces most of the roses in the United States, the roses for Valentine’s Day come from South America. The U.S. buys over one billion roses a year usually from Columbia. With the weather so unpredictable in the U.S., the rose producers cannot guarantee enough flowers to cover the Valentine’s Day rush.

Did you know that the color of the Rose you receive is also sending a message?  The red Rose indicates passionate love which is why it’s the number one color of Valentine’s Day. However 29% of us do receive other colors then the red Rose that says they will love us forever. The pink Rose tells of love, gratitude and appreciation. The white Rose speaks of marriage, spirituality and new starts. The Tea Rose speaks of enthusiasm and passion. The yellow Rose is friendship, joy and good health. Which Rose did you receive?

While spending 1.7 billion dollars – I hope the giver sent the right message!

Now the part that I find most exciting since I am in the Wedding business – 6 million couples are getting engaged today! Although there are millions of roses and chocolates, there are also millions of people asking a very important question – Will you marry me? 2.5 billion dollars on engagement rings will be spent with the average ring costing about $2400.

The next step is to give Maui Aloha Weddings a call to help you set up the best destination wedding possible! Don’t forget, coming to Maui is a wedding and honeymoon combined saving the average couple a lot of money. Besides Maui is “No Ka Oi” – the best. I hope we will hear from you this year to celebrate your wedding or vow renewal. We promise to make it special!

Much aloha and Happy Valentine’s Day!




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