Governor Abercrombie Welcomes Karen and Phil to Maui for their Wedding!

Having good timing was what happened to Maui Aloha Weddings this weekend!  Having bad timing was what happened to Maui Aloha Weddings this weekend! How can it be both? Read on…

One of the things we like to do is to welcome our brides, grooms and vow renewal couples to our island at the airport. At this time, we can make sure they have transportation, maps, guides to activities and a nice, warm, Aloha welcome. While waiting for our bride and groom Karen and Phil this past Friday, I happened to notice someone who looked like Governor Abercrombie – the Governor of Hawaii. Reverend Mike was with me as he was going to take a picture of Karen and Phil when they landed holding up their welcome sign. Usually, this is their last picture as being "single". As it turned out, it was the Governor and he came right to where we were standing on his way down the airport. We both introduced ourselves and shook hands welcoming him to our island Maui. As he past, I saw Mike there with his camera and me with the Maui Aloha Weddings sign and said "We didn't even ask him for a picture!" Mike was so depressed by that thought I knew he would be in for a bad weekend just thinking about our lost opportunitiy.

He then wondered if he would be coming back our way so we went over to the airport police that were escorting the Governor and asked if they thought the Governor would be able to take a picture with us. When the Governor returned he indeed said he would be delighted to take a picture with us. Shyly (and that has to be a first),  I stood next to him but didn't put up the sign. Mike asked me aren't you going to put up the sign as he was getting ready to take our picture. I reminded him that it said welcome to Karen and Phil from Maui Aloha Weddings. When the Governor heard that he said let's hold up the sign and welcome them. The Governor actually held up the sign and gave a big Aloha smile to the engaged couple. The Governor then left and Mike and I were so excited and couldn't wait to tell Karen and Phil that the Governor of Hawaii just welcomed them to our great state.


We then went back to the exit and held up our sign to welcome Karen and Phil. Their arrival time was 5 PM and after standing for a while we realized it was getting to be much later. As the next group of visitors came down the ramp from the airplane exits, we asked them what flight they were on. One young lady standing where we were said the flight we were looking for was hers and that the whole plane landed a while ago. We were so excited about taking the Governor's picture that we MISSED KAREN AND PHIL!

Luckily if you read our blogs, and we hope you do, you would know that we never said we were perfect!  While we were at the airport we did meet a great couple – Jenn and Aaron. Since Mike was excited to try out our new camera, they agreed to pose for us. Mahalo Jenn and Arron!  They took our cards, we took the pictures and we were on our way – to the HOTEL to meet  Karen and Phil.

Karen and Phil are a wonderful couple who enjoyed the whole story especially their welcome to the island by the Governor of Hawaii. Mahalo to Governor Abercrombie for being such a good sport about it. The couple will be getting married on Wednesday and we already know that their wedding will be perfect and so much fun. Congratulations to Karen and Phil.

Now we cannot promise all of our couples the same type of welcome, but we promise NOT to miss you at the airport…

Let us know what famous people you have met at the airport? Did you do anything "dumb"?

Much Aloha,