Planning Your Wedding



As your wedding planner, we will take care of most of the arrangements on your wedding checklist.  Once you make your choices of what you would like – we go to work and make sure everything is completed for your big day.  What to ask your wedding planner?


Do you help with TRAVEL:  Yes or No   Group Travel:  Yes or No   We have ____guests coming.

Do you help with ACCOMODATIONS:  Yes or No   We want to spend ____a night.

We would like a golf course, restaurant, tennis court, swimming pool, beach access, peace and quiet

When do you MEET us?  Our first day on the island:  Yes or No

Do you have CONCIERGE services we can use?  Yes or No        Activities listed:  Yes or No      Driving Tours:  Yes   No

Is the coordinator included throughout my stay:   Yes    No

I will need to wear my dress again, what venue would you suggest:  beach,   Venue area,   Grassy knoll

Will there be a charge for this location:  Yes     No                             Amount:________

Is this location close to where I am staying:  Yes   No

Do you make our after ceremony reservations:  Yes  No   Do you plan for our tent/catering:   yes  No   Do you help with our reception:  Yes   No

Is a wedding cake included:  Yes   No    How much would it be for a wedding cake_______

I would like my wedding to be in the  morning     sunset         What time is the best? ____________

I want this to be a    TRADITONAL                          HAWAIIAN                                           RELIGIOUS   wedding

What is included:  Conch Shell blowing        Chant         Sand Ceremony    Ring Ceremony    Leis

Do you obtain my LICENSE appointment      Beach PERMIT    

Do you have a choice of MINISTERS     Man       Woman        Hawaiian

Do you have a list of Photographers and their prices?  How much do they start at:__________

Which photographers do inside and outside pictures?   Cost:___________

Which do on site location pictures?   Cost:___________

Do you have a videographer list?    Cost:____________

Are leis included in all packages:  Yes    No

How much are Hakus: _________           Flower Circle___________         Bouquets___________

How much is music:    Singer_________                               Ukulele__________                      Harp_________


How much is a DOVE release: __________    Butterflies:____________  

Do you include a toast (in all packages):   Yes    No

How much is a wedding cake:    2 to 6 people______   8 to 12 people_______  20 to 50 people______

Do you give a commemorative certificate for all ceremonies?  Yes    No

What wedding package includes most of what I would like:                                            Cost:________

What would the rest of the cost be?________________

Is the coordinator on-site?   Yes    No