Funny things can happen at Weddings!

Funny things can happen at Weddings!

Aloha Brides, Grooms and Friends,

By midweek, I am already thinking about what my weekly Blog will be about. For some reason I am very lucky because something usually will happen to spark an idea. This week was no exception!

We were at a beautiful sunset wedding in Wailea this past Wednesday. The ceremony had ended and we were in the stage of capturing those breathtaking shots at sunset on the beach. If you have worked with Maui Aloha Weddings with your wedding or vow renewal then you know our photographer Mike is all over taking pictures. Seriously, he is on the grown, lying sideways, in front, in back, on the side of you – you name it he’s snapping away.

Mike bends down to get a shot and we all hear a loud ripping sound. I have to tell you I’m laughing as I’m writing this! To me it sounded like clothing ripping. Reverend Kuya had a different idea what the sound was, as he was thinking about “let it rip” and what it usually stands for. If you look at the attached picture of the bride and groom, you can see their reaction. Me – I’ve lost all professionalism at this point and am laughing away.ripped pantsIt really was a rip in Mike’s pants from his crotch and continuing down the left side of his leg. He’s in a squatting position, holding his camera in front of himself, and tells the couple they better not look. He turns around and examines the damage. Luckily, it wasn’t revealing and he did have on boxers so he explained the situation and the bride and groom had a great time with the rest of us laughing at the whole episode.  By the way, Mike said it was considerably cooler while taking those pictures!

This started me thinking about what other people go through with some embarrassing moments during ceremonies. We’ve all seen the reception “goofs” but there must be some during the ceremonies as well.

For those of you who are old enough, I remember when Lady Diana was marrying Prince Charles. When the bride needs to say “I take thee” and says the groom’s name, she got all 5 of his names mixed up. She blushed and the ceremony continued on which seemed for all of us “across the pond” like forever.

It didn’t stop there for the royal family as far as wedding ceremony happenings go. When Prince William was putting the ring on Lady Kate, he got it stuck in the middle of her finger and he could not get it on at all. Many people – especially with outdoor weddings – will have swelling in their fingers. Although it was a funny moment for us, I’m sure it was really embarrassing for Prince William.

Although this one wasn’t real, who can forget on friends when Ross was marrying Emily and saying “I take thee Rachel…”  It is a BIG mistake but unfortunately there are many stories about how everything is racing in your head and you sometimes fill in an old boy or girlfriends name at not the right moment.

I believe the moral of these stories is that we are all human. We will make mistakes and we are not doing it to be funny or hurt anyone – they just happen. When it does, relax, laugh and enjoy the rest of the ceremony and your special day!

I am going to leave you with my favorite of all times. You may have seen it already but watch it again. There is a microphone on the groom and he just can’t stop laughing, I guarantee you will laugh along with him. This bride does deserve a medal!

Enjoy your wedding as you will remember it the rest of your life and when you do, I hope that you smile.


Much aloha,