whiterock slowshutter2Aloha Everyone from Sunny Maui!

As in many places, maybe not Wisconsin, Maui is in the spring spirit. That doesn't just mean baseball although how can you beat the RedSox! There are beautiful local flowers all over the island and we also have many wonderful lilies brought in at this time of the year. Flowers is one of the reasons our island as we say is "No KA OI" the best!

Being from Hawaii many times I need to order from the mainland. Once in a great while I will find what I need but for the most part it's very frustrating and being so far away there is nothing I can do about it. Many telephone calls later I actually might find what I am looking for to discover later from my family, it wasn't anything like what I wanted to order for them.

At Maui Aloha Weddings, we have taken all of that into consideration and want to make your wedding the most beautiful and stress free as possible. From the moment you email or call us on the phone, we are here to serve you. Maui Aloha Weddings is a full service company which means we will help you with your travel reservations and greet you at the airport. Besides finding you the best beach or venue on the island, we help with your flowers, music, minister and type of wedding that you would like to have. We have wonderful friends throughout the wedding field that help us make you happy from the best photographers, to gorgeous formal or island wear and definitely the best cake baker.

We even go further than that! By phone we will ask you what you would like to do while you are here in Maui. We can help you plan your dinners out, luaus and activities. Living here, we can  help you find what you are really looking for since we know many of the places personally. It really ends all of the frustrations of the many telephone calls and the disappointment when you arrive and what you booked is NOT what you wanted.

Maui Aloha Weddings is aware that you are also here on vacation and want to see the island. We have our own concierge to help you with activities while planning at home. At the airport we will give you an extensive list of tours and places to see or the itinerary you have already set up. If you have a rental car – we have maps. If you need tours – we can direct you. Limos and Limo vans are also available from our partners. We want you to relax and leave all of the planning to us.

There are no fees for this service! In Maui, we want everyone to experience the Aloha Spirit that our island is famous for and we want all visitors to love Maui. It's as easy as that!

Please give us a call and let's us help you make your entire week as special as the big day!

What activity would you most like to do when visitng Maui?

Much Aloha,