Erin Go Bragh! and Pivot Head Glasses…

camera glassesTop of the morning to ya and Happy Saint Patrick's Day where for one day everyone is Irish!

Here at Maui Aloha Weddings, we have had a little leprachan bring us a new photographic experience. We now have the opportunity for you to watch your own wedding through the minister's eyes. The new Pivot Head Glasses allows our ministers to tape and photograph the wedding ceremony as it is being given. It gives a totally different view of your wedding and will add to the photography and videography that you want for your memories. Maui Aloha Weddings is the only company to offer this new experience.

We are constantly looking for new and exciting ways to enhance your wedding experience. We have also added the "Granny Cam" which allows real time viewing of your wedding for those who cannot come to the island. Everyone will be able to participate in your joy even from 6000 miles away!  This will take away some of your anxiety about those who cannot make the long trip but who you want to be a part of the ceremony.

Although the weather doesn't confirm that Spring is only 5 days away, we can tell that love is in the air by the number of weddings that are being booked. If you already have the special day in mind whether in a month or a year, please email or call us to keep that date open for you. We wouldn't want to disappoint you or find that you cannot have the wedding where you would like to because the date is already taken.

And speaking of Spring – the temperatures have returned to the 80s in the daytime and the low 70s at night time. We wish we could send some sun your way as we heard another snowstorm is hitting this week. Isn't it time for you to come to Maui?

The whales will be here for approximately another month. There are some wonderful shots of the moms and babies this year which you can find on You Tube. If you cannot see them in person, there is at least a way to see and enjoy them in action. Each whale season is a special time on the island.

Now for some green beer, cornbeef and cabbage…  slan.

Please comment on what your favorite wedding photo was or will be!