Billion Dollar Wedding?

sun kissAloha,
Since we have announced our new Pivot Head Camera for Ministers, we have had many more people call to book their weddings. They want to try out this new technology of seeing their wedding from the Minister's view. It is really a different prospective and lots of fun looking at the expressions while the happy couple is being married. We are the only wedding company that has this experience and we are really happy to include it with every ceremony!

Many people get engaged during the spring (actually since Valentine's Day) and are booking their weddings. Please try and do so as early as you can so we can save the date that you want just for you! We try to have only one wedding a day so that we can fully focus on your special time.

Another thing we found out this week, is that we are the only wedding company that meets the wedding couple at the airport! At Maui Aloha Weddings, we do not wait until a few days before the ceremony to meet you in person. We want you to know that we are at your service as soon as you land so that your entire experience is fantastic and not just the wedding. Besides the Hawaiian greeting of leis, we also give you a package of all the fun activities our island has to offer and the name of our activity planner to help you with anything from tours, luaus,snorkeling and restaurants reservations. Hmmm – we also have a few great golf courses too!

We have excellent weather this spring with lots of sunshine and wonderful tradewinds to keep the temperature just right! Sundays are usually our day to rest and like most – off to the beach we go. There are so many beautiful beaches to choose from and of course we are always looking for new and photographic wedding sites.

Hope all of you are doing well on your March Madness brackets. It would be great if one of you would win the billlion dollars that was offered by Warren Buffett. Imagiine the wedding and honeymoon you could have! Unfortunately, my team was upset the very first time they played and I didn't even get to wear my brand new Buckeye shirt. Oh well, good luck to all of you!

Since I am not the recipient of the billion dollars, I better get back to work and return to my most important job – focusing on all of you.

Please leave a comment and tell us what would you do with the billion dollars?

Much aloha,